We have written a short collection of articles on a number of key pedagogical literacy topics relevant to the Literacy Toolbox. We hope they help you better understand our approach to literacy and the fundamental principles on which it is based.


A learning strategy which takes account of the different way different children learn.


A discussion of phonics is a broader context than simple exhaustive instruction.


Comprehension is the ultimate purpose of reading and it is important to understand its relationship to decoding and fluency.

Perceptual Learning

Perceptual learning is the fundamental principle on which the Literacy Toolbox is built. It is the mechanism by which all organisms develop perceptual skill, without instruction, through practice.


An appreciation of the basic components of grammar, even if they are not part of your formally defined curriculum, provide structural awareness at sentence level in the same way that graphemes do at the level of individual words.


The received vocabulary of even non readers is very broad as a result of television and videos on the internet. Unfortunately that breadth is not necessarily reflected in their expressive vocabulary.