IT Installation Information

Launching the Literacy Toolbox

The Literacy Toolbox is a web application. It is run by going to in any of the main browsers.

Logging on

When you first use the Toolbox on a new computer you will have to login with the access code you were given when you registered. If cookies are enabled on the browser you will only have to do this once on each machine.

If cookies are disabled you can either enable them for plus all its subdomains; or create a desktop short cut which has your access code built in. See the section below on creating a shortcut for details on how to do this.

Sound : Problem with MIME filters

The Toolbox needs to be able to play mp3 sounds. Some school networks have MIME filters which block audio/mp3 files and stop the Toolbox from playing any sounds. If your school network is using a MIME filter you must add a permission to allow MIME type audio/mp3 files to be downloaded from plus all its subdomains, folders and sub folders.

Desktop Short Cuts

Most schools find it useful to create a desk top short cut on student machines so students can launch the Toolbox just like any other application without having to open a browser and type a web address. If you do this it is a good idea to create a short cut which has your access code built in - this avoids the problems caused by some school networks which disable cookies. Here is the web address which starts the Toolbox using your access code.,

Replace the term ACCESSKEY with the access key you were given when you registered with us.

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