The Literacy Toolbox home version is a cut-down version of the Toolbox designed for use at home by students with reading deficits.

The home version is completely free and contains no adverts or other commercialization mechanism. The free home version contains only one component (the assisted reading component) of the school version and is limited to 5 exercises a day.

The Toolbox home version is an online application that guides students through passages of text with the help of a system which lets them hear any words they are not sure of. Each word in the text is highlighted one at a time; the student can either move on to the next word or hear the highlighted word spoken. After the first read through students are taken through the text again this time at a regular pace with the system automatically speaking the words they wanted help with on the first run through.

The student is allowed to choose which topic to read about from a list at the start of the exercise based upon their own interest. The toolbox contains thousands of reading passages on hundreds of topics arranged by age appropriateness and difficulty. After going through each passage the student is encouraged to read the prepared passage to their parent (either from the screen or from a printout).

The system displays which books and chapters your child has completed.